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It's customary to tip a taxi driver an amount equal to 15-20 percent of the total fare, minus any tolls or other expenses you may have incurred. If the driver's willing to get out of the taxi and help you with your bags, then the tip should be somewhat larger.

As a taxi passenger, you have certain rights that you should keep in mind: among other things, you should expect a courteous driver who speaks English; heat or cooling on demand; a clean cab; and a driver who's not too eager to use his horn.

When going out and about with family or friends, keep in mind the fact that most taxis (with a few exceptions) can hold no more than four adults, and then only if the driver allows front-seat passengers. Try not to overburden your taxi driver just so you can save some cash.

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Looking for a Savannah Taxi service?

"What is a taxi service?
A taxi is a professional service, which traditionally helps individuals or groups move from one location to the next.

Why do you look for one?
If you need service from a taxi service:
» To help you to get from place to place,
» For a ride to the airport or back home from the airport,
» For help in providing services like moving luggage,
» To get around when your car is being repaired,
» When you need to move around without driving yourself,
then you consider taxi service.

Where do you find a good taxi service?
Movetrust will help you to find the best transportation providing prompt, professional, and courteous services. Check our listings to find the best taxi close to you. Whether a private individual or a member of a fleet, you should prefer a licensed taxi service."
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